millennial fitness

The development of the nutrition and fitness industry has put the youth in a compromising position- being healthy is now cool. Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, what was a niche interest market -heath and fitness- as become as popular as the brands that endorse them. Fitness model, Michelle Lewin’s instructional videos had 1-2 million views in 2017, while Instagram fitness influencer Jen Selter’s personal brand has 11.3 million followers. Clearly, fitness and health has become the latest trend and we can’t complain; anything is better than fad diets and promoting an unhealthy body image. Fortunately, there are much more fun ways to jump on the fitness bunny bandwagon. Here’s your guide to making working out fun.

The gym is not for everyone

One can say with certainty that this is a widely shared sentiment. The gym can feel overwhelming and finding the motivation to start is really the most difficult part. It can however, be the best way to get an efficient and structured workout. Therefore, making the gym a positive experience is vital. Training with friends or familiar faces around the gym is a great idea, especially if you’re around people with the same fitness goals as you. Making a playlist of songs that make you feel like dancing is great for when you’re working out solo. Put time and effort into the whole experience by shopping around for funny workout shirts or cute accessories. Enjoying the little things makes the whole endeavor worth it.

Get outside

It can often be a struggle to part with your high-speed internet connection and the ready-in-minutes pizza in the freezer, but when you go outside, you may even see a real kitten; they move a lot faster in reality than in that cute gif you’ve been watching on repeat. Going for brisk walks could be a great way to get your body interested in being active and maybe you can make friends with the Russian Blue from around the corner

The prison-cell routine

Leaving your room voluntarily may seem daunting. While you’re building up the courage to face the outside world for reasons besides work, school and groceries, start working out at home. Cardio workouts like push-ups, star-jumps, jump rope and the like are great ways to start feeling comfortable with training.

Explore nature

Maybe there’re walking and hiking trails fifteen minutes away that you’ve been meaning to visit. Or the beach that you’ve been avoiding because you haven’t found the right bikini yet. Well there’s no time to waste. If you need more of a reason than the breath-taking beauty of nature, then just thing about all the potential nature Instagram shots you could take. Sunsets, cocktails, sunglasses on the beach…the insta-worthy moments are endless.

Join a club

Find a local sports club that you can join. It’s a great way to meet new people and you’ll make a commitment to a team that you can’t easily back out of on a lazy weekend morning.

Once you’ve stuck to your work out routine for a month, your body will most likely be thanking you and possibly encouraging you take your training up a notch. Because the most daunting part is starting a new routine and feeling pain muscles you didn’t realise you had, find ways to keep you motivated throughout your journey. And soon, you could appreciate all the fitness posts without feeling guilty about all those well spent hours online.


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