5 ways to increase employee engagement at the Workplace

Employees are the key drivers of a business’s success. And in today’s digital, competitive and fast-moving environment, businesses and HR departments need to engage, motivate and nurture its employees. So why not do so by digitally engaging and rewarding them?

increase employee engagement at the Workplace

Here is a stepwise procedure of how organizations can achieve enthusiastic employee engagement:

Step 1: Put Everyone in the Right Role

The core of engaging employees is to assign them the work they understand, love and enjoy doing. In order to do so, the HR department should align and assign the right job to the right person.

Step 2: Give them the Training

Digitization across industries has revolutionized the working styles and employee expectations. For an organization to transform with time, it should train and enhance its employees’ skills to stay ahead of the competition. The employer and the human resource department can engage employees in learning from guest speakers, workshops, or on-job training.

Step 3: Assign Meaningful Work

Clearly defined role, goals and tasks give a clear idea to the employee of his expectations. Organizations should help employees align their personal goals to the organizational goals to create meaning at work which can be achieved by identifying key competencies required to accomplish a task and mapping it with the person’s strengths and goals and further motivating them.

Step 4: Assess work and Review Targets

An employee’s efficiency can be measured through quality and quantity. The first step is to quantify the work, and set quality benchmarks. The second step is to divide the work and allocate resources. Once the targets are clear, employers can review the performance of every individual. This helps the management and HR departments understand the progress of the team and work performed.

Step 5: Recognize Efforts and Reward Work Well Done

Continuous reviews give a clear picture of the employee’s understanding and responsibility towards work. It helps identify where the employee lags and areas which require training and development. On identifying the employees’ effort, they should be rewarded and recognized. Rewards and Recognition programs are a means of motivating and appraising employees which helps the employees push their limits.


With changing trends in the human resource sector, organizations have now shifted to digital gifting and rewarding solutions. Sodexo is one of the known names while talking about employee rewards. It has been in the industry from the past 21 years, enhancing the quality of services an employee can avail.


So now why wait? Let us Engage, Think, Feel and Act the Sodexo way!


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