Avail the Best Cervical Treatment in India at Affordable Prices

Avail the Best Cervical Treatment in India at Affordable Prices


The cervical spine is a combination of seven vertebrae. Each vertebra is separated from each other by shock-absorbing discs. It provides flexibility to the spinal cord and ultimately to the body to bend.

The nerves from the spinal cord passes through the openings of the vertebrae and finally to other parts of the body.

Any of the injury, accident or ageing leads to displacement or degenerating of discs resulting in an outward bulge in the vertebrae. It is essential to treat these disorders at the earliest or else it might an increase of pain in nerves pain in the cervical region, and it can further proceed to the chest, arms, shoulders and hands.

Cervical Treatment Procedures:

Cervical Treatment can heal all the nerve compression and pain in the spine. There are two most useful procedures for cervical treatment, which include fusion and decompression.

For providing considerable relief to the patient, the orthopaedic professionals and neurosurgeons first screen the condition of the patient.

As per the medical condition and overall well-being of the patient; the doctors may adopt the following procedures:

  • Posterior Approach:
    • Cervical fusion
    • Laminoplasty
    • Laminectomy
    • Foraminoplasty
    • Discectomy
    • Laminectomy with fusion.
  • Anterior Approach:
    • Disc Arthroplasty
    • Corpectomy
    • Transoral Approach
    • Cervical Discectomy with fusion or without fusion.

If none of the above procedures provides considerable relief to the patient, surgeons might follow the combined approach of treatment.

Cervical Treatment in India is in its golden era because the surgeons here excel in providing the best possible solution to the patient, irrespective of the complexity of the condition.

Who must Undergo Cervical Treatment?

Cervical surgeries are recommended for patients who have the following issues:

  • Chronic pain that disables a person to perform the daily activities
  • If the pain that originates from the neck travel to other parts of the body like arms, shoulders, breast, legs etc.
  • When the patient has tried all the nonsurgical methods of healing the cervical disorders but avails no considerable improvement.

Cost of Cervical Treatment in India:

One of the most common methods of surgery that provides relief in signs and symptoms of cervical disorders is cervical decompression. It is possible for doctors to treat a few of the most complicated cervical disorders using decompression with or without fusion.

The cost of cervical treatment is very high in developed countries like the US and UK, but it is not the same in India.

Cost of Cervical Decompression Surgery India starts at USD 4,800. However, it is not fixed but vary depending on the medical situation of the patient.

Final Words:

If you talk about the facts and figures of the past two decades, all the surgical cases for cervical treatment in India were successful. Because of the best-in-class treatment, the patients not only from India but all over the world are travelling to the country to get rid of their cervical disorders.

Once you undertake the surgical treatment, it is possible for you to get relief from pain and regain your routine.