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The CPU manages and processes all the operations within the PLC. It is completed with a clock that has a frequency of typically between 1 and 8 MHz. This incidence determines the operating speed of the PLC and provides the timing and harmonization for all elements in the system. The information within the PLC is passed by means of digital signals. The internal paths all along which digital signals flow are called buses. In the corporal sense, a bus is just a number of conductors along which electrical signals can gush. It might be tracks on a written circuit board or wires in a ribbon cable.

The CPU uses the information bus for sending data between the constituent elements, the address bus to propel the addresses of locations for accessing stored information, and the management bus for signals relating to internal architecture control actions. The system bus is used for communications amid the input/output ports as well as the input/output unit. The buses are the trails used for communication within the PLC. The information is broadcasted in binary form, that is, as a collection of bits, with a bit being a binary digit of 1 or 0, indicating on/off states. The word is used for the group of bits constituting some information.

The input/output element provides the interface between the organization and the outside world, allowing for connections to be made through input/output straits to input devices such as sensors and output devices such as motors and solenoids. It is also during the input/output unit that lists are entered from a curriculum panel. Every input/output point has an exceptional address that can be used by the CPU.

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