Best kids bike trails buying guide 2020

Best kids bike trails buying guide 2020

A good bike trail for kids can help the young riders to explore and ride off-road places where it is difficult to go with regular bikes. With a good bike, both boys and girls will enjoy this activity. But getting a new kids bike trail doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are plenty of models out there which will allow your kids to ride safely and comfortably.

To find the best kids bike trail, you need to have some idea about what factors you need to consider. This article will help you with that.

Factors for choosing the best kids bike trail

  • Size

For bikes designed for kids, the proportions of the bicycle are largely determined by the wheel size. The children models range between 12″ -24″. For a good fit, the child should be able to easily stand across the frame and have a comfortable reach to the pedals and handlebar. Also, check whether the saddle is at a good height. If the height is high, your child might have to squirm for pedalling.

  • Frame

The largest part of any bike is the frame, and it contributes to the overall mass. For children, the weight of the bike needs to be less. If the bike is too heavy, it can become difficult to handle and ride. So, the material of the frame needs to be lightweight and durable. It should also have good flexibility which helps to absorb bumps.

  • Fork

There are 2 types available – rigid and suspension fork. To make the ride smooth, a suspension fork is good. A rigid fork is more for cross-country riding. In terms of maintenance, the rigid fork is the best and comes at a lower price than the suspension type.

  • Tires

The tires in the kids’ bike trails can affect the stability and comfort of the child. With a wide tire, you get more surface area and increased contact with the ground for more cushioning. Go for an all-round model because they are suitable for a number of riding situations.

  • Gears

Though they are useful, they can also confuse the kids with the concept of shifting. Improper shifting can put stress on the chain of the bike and make it jump. Triple chain set is the most common configuration used for a kids bike.

  • Brakes

Common brakes are – disc and rim brakes. In linear or rim brakes, the rubber brake pads come in direct contact with the wheels’ metal rim. On the other hand, rotors are placed on the wheels for disc brakes. Technically, disc brakes are superior to rim brakes, and many professional bikers prefer it. you do not forget to best child bike seat.

The bottom line

With the above factors, it should be easy for you to narrow the available options. Your primary importance should be to determine and choose the correct size for your child. From there, you and your child can go for additional features which feel good.

With this guide, find the best kids bike trails for your little one and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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