Beware of these 10 Complications after Circumcision Surgery

Beware of these 10 Complications after Circumcision Surgery

Not everything in this world is perfect; they have flaws, problems and even complications. But a lot can be done to avoid it. Have you ever wondered why several medical complications start in the first place? There are many reasons like the doctors and surgeons are not well qualified, the tools used are not sterilized or the patient has a medical condition.

10 Complications after Circumcision Surgery

Like every surgical procedure, the Circumcision Surgery can also develop complications afterwards. These range from minor to major complexities. You should not be afraid that you can have all of them at once but be very careful that you may have two or three if proper care is not take. Below are 10 complications that everyone must be aware of.

Too much Bleeding

Bleeding is very normal after the surgery from the area of the incision which goes away after a few days. But if the bleeding is too much like the whole bandage is soaked and it is consistent then it is a dangerous thing. This usually happens when either you are not taking the medicine or you are not taking the precautions advised by the doctor.

Buried Penis Condition

When the surgeon is not well trained and qualified to perform the surgical procedure many problems the patient can face. One of them is the buried penis in which not enough skin is removed for the penis. The patient may have difficulty in urinating as the penis is covered with the skin.

Phimosis and Paraphimosis

There are two disorders of the penis which is related to the foreskin. One is the Phimosis in which the skin is tightened at the tip of the penis and can’t be stretched to the normal position. The other is Paraphimosis; when the skin on the penis is stuck at the bottom of the organ and is unable to move forward.

Penile Adhesion

If the foreskin is a stick in the glans of the penis then it is called penile adhesion or Skin Bridge. Although it appears normal because an uncircumcised penis looks just the same, the real difference is that normally the foreskin can be moved up and down but in penile adhesion it is impossible.

Various Infections

A little bit of infection is ordinary matter after every surgery but if the period and intensity of it increases and lasts more than two weeks then it is a big problem. In circumcision loss of skin, scalded skin syndrome, necrotizing fasciitis, Fournier’s gangrene, meningitis and Balanitis are penile infections that can cause a major problem.

Unable to Urinate

The surgeons at any clinic and especially at Circumcision Center are not foolish to completely cover the penis; not allowing the patient to urinate. But there are a few surgeons who make this mistake which makes it difficult for the person to urinate and thus experience pain.

Fistulas on the Penis

When there is a complication during the circumcision surgery where the surgeons don’t know how to use the different tools and the wound is not properly stitched. Or the device for painless surgery is taken off before the appropriate time. The cut can be dangerous as urine can pass from it and the patient might not know about it.

Penile Necrosis

Dry gangrene is the major cause of this complication. There are many people in the world that are allergic to various medications. Some can be to anesthesia which contains adrenaline that can have negative effects on the body. If this condition gets worse; then the glans can either be partial or full removed.


The opening of the hole that is on top of the penis is not where it should be then it is called Hypospadias. After a bad circumcision, the hole can shift its place and come at the bottom of the glans.


The damage to the penis during circumcision can cause Epispadias. The opening of the penis is not in the normal position because of some complication is the surgical procedure.

Post Adult Circumcision Care

In order to avoid some of the above-mentioned complications, patients must follow some instructions that are given by the surgeon after the surgical process has been done and it is most beneficial for the patient to follow them.

Visit the Doctor

A regular visit to the doctor is very necessary because he/ she will keep a constant check on your condition. One thing you must also remember that if you experience any dangerous change in your condition then be sure to immediately go to the surgeon.

Take Prescribed Medication

Patients don’t know the dangers of self-medication and thus complicates things. The doctor is a professional who knows each and every about the surgery and will always advise you the best.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Don’t think that you can wear jeans one week after the surgery because it will be very painful. Loose fitted clothes are the best for you.

Clean and dress the penis properly

To avoid having infections the penis must be cleaned first and then new bandage wrapped properly around it.

Avoid Alcohol and smoking

Lastly, if you are a smoker or drinker then prohibit yourself from it for at least 4 weeks after Circumcision Surgery. You will be able to avoid many of the complications that occur afterwards.

Angela Harry