Getting Rid of Pet Hair From Different Places In Your Home

Getting Rid of Pet Hair From Different Places In Your Home

As the proud mama of two large dogs, I understand the frustration that comes with trying to keep a home free of pet hair. It is a seemingly impossible task but controlling the amount of visible pet hair can be done with regular, specific routines.


Invest in Cleaning Tools

One of the most important elements is having the proper supplies for cleaning and the willingness to invest some extra time and money that people without pets might not have to. Purchasing a vacuum that is designed specifically for pet hair is critical. Certain models now even come with scent boosters that lift pet odor while also picking up the hairs. Investing in a humidifier can aid in keeping pet hair from sticking to as many surfaces in your home and paying for regular air duct cleanings limits how much hair circulates throughout the house. Another area to invest in is at-home grooming tools, such as proper de-shedders, pin brushes, and slicker brushes.

woman using vacuum to clean pet hair in carpet


Know Your Home

Hard floors obviously need different care than carpeting, just as wooden furniture has different requirements than fabric. Do not waste your time vacuuming hard floors to clean up pet hair, since vacuum exhausts can send hairs directly back onto those surfaces. A microfiber dry mop is your safest bet, although rubber brooms are also effective. When vacuuming carpets, go over areas twice and alternate directions for the most surface coverage. Considering furniture, there are plenty of specialty products available for removing pet hair from upholstery but vacuuming and using damp sponges will do the trick. Wooden, laminate, or glass furniture can be swiped over with microfiber cloths. Adding a spritz of water or furniture polish will help hairs stick for removal.


Take Some Shortcuts

In my home, we use furniture protectors to ease the cleaning process. Rather than having to vacuum or lint roll our massive armchair from top to bottom, I purchased a machine-washable seat cover that can be removed and thrown straight into the washer in a fraction of the time. This is another area where investing a little extra has a big payoff. Blankets can also be placed across your pet’s favorite lounge spot if you don’t want to purchase a full cover.


Clothing and Bedding

Your clothing will transfer pet hair all over the house, so make sure that you keep quality lint rollers handy. Dryer sheets are also famously effective against pet hair and you can remove all traces by tossing an article of clothing into the dryer with one for as little as 10 minutes. If you are like me and allow your pets to snuggle up with you in bed overnight, washing your bedding more often than usual is another strong way to combat excessive pet hair in the home.


Consistent Grooming

Reducing the amount of shedding from your pets plays a major role in how free of pet hair your home feels. Shedding can be reduced through monthly bathing, weekly or bi-weekly brushing, and deshedding treatments from a professional groomer.

Evelyn Rayner