Here’s How You Turn One Blog Post Into Other Types of Content

Here’s How You Turn One Blog Post Into Other Types of Content

Tired of thinking about content?

You’re not alone. Content plays a key part in how a marketing campaign is run. The best marketing campaigns are those which have content tailor-made for the target audience.

In the blogging and SEO game, websites need to write a lot of content. A lot of content.

If your website belongs to a niche that is constantly changing such as sports and news, you need to update your website almost every day to keep up with everyone else. If you’re running a travel website, you have to compete with tens of thousands of other websites that are publishing three or four blog posts every single day.

In any given field, competing websites are trying to outdo each other by posting more and more content. They realize that by publishing unique content every day, they are forcing search engines to take notice of their website and start ranking them higher.

There is another way this problem can be approached.

Writing so much content is very taxing. Your trainers at digital marketing institutes must have warned you about the volume of content you’d need to compete in the market. If you’re a small blog competing against a multi-national company that has a team of writers and marketers, do you really stand a chance?

You do.

The digital marketing space opens up opportunities for everyone, even when the odds are slim.

In this article, we will discuss how writing one good blog post that can help create many other forms of content.

Turn Content Into A Small Social Media Post

The long-form content you wrote must have taken time. Use it to build an audience on social media. Bring the content down into smaller parts consumable for the audience. A typical example is that of a Twitter thread. Break your content down into small 280-character packets and post them on Twitter as a thread. Do the same on Twitter. Make sure you convey the interesting parts of your content and use the right # tags to optimize its reach.

Turn Content Into Video

The content you write can be easily converted into multiple videos. Use the written content as a script and create a quick video using simple graphics. Post these videos on your YouTube channel and cross-post it on your blog page.

Once you’ve posted the video on YouTube, break it down into small 60-second packets and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Try and milk your blog content as much as you can.

Create an EBook

It is not as if a long-form blog post you write is not connected in any way to some of your previous content. Combine all these different blog posts and turn them into an e-book. You can use this e-book as a way to generate leads and create a reputable brand in the market. And don’t worry about people noticing that your e-book and blog content are the same. The internet has a very short memory!

In Conclusion

Creating content is never easy, especially if you’re going for quality. Many brands have to endure tough times where creating a lot of content becomes a real challenge which is difficult to overcome. In this article, we discussed how marketers can derive a lot of content from a single blog post and use it to grow traction in different segments of the audience.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a reputable name in the digital marketing space. He founded in 2008 to build a center for students looking for a digital marketing course in Delhi at an affordable price.

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