How video analysis software can help Olympic preparation

How video analysis software can help Olympic preparation

How video analysis software can help Olympic preparation

Sport has become a multi-million dollar business. In addition to the kudos for successful athletes who reach the top of their game, there is also huge financial interest for companies that create sports clothing and equipment. The sales and advertising of sports equipment can be just as lucrative to the athlete as prize money – and in some cases, it can be even more lucrative.

There is huge pressure to succeed, and every little bit of technology that helps the athlete toward his goal is employed to provide an edge over competitors. This includes coaching, training, biometrics, health plans, nutritional plans, and the best equipment. With all kinds of events and sports such as football included in the Olympics, many people look to take up sport following an Olympic year and if you are looking to get into training you will want to ensure that you have the right kit such as Adidas Football Kits that you can find at sites like


One tool that many athletes are now using is a recording device to make a video of their action, whether it’s a golf swing or any other movement that may potentially be improved. By studying their own performance, athletes can make comparisons with competitors or someone they would like to emulate. Most people tend to be visual learners, and seeing their own action helps them to become aware of any deviations in their technique that could be slowing them down or creating a problem. An efficient and effective technique not only helps them to improve their game but also ensures that injuries do not occur due to repetitive incorrect motion.

Commercial Apps

Companies have noted the benefits of videoing athlete motion and have produced apps that allow athletes to stream a video live to their coach at a remote location, who can then give them swift and effective feedback to improve their game.

For example, the Coach’s Eye app was developed specifically to help coaches prepare their athletes for the Olympic Games in Rio in August and is fully integrated with GoPro cameras.

For individuals and teams

Videos are useful for both individual and team sports. For the latter, coaches and athletes will be concentrating on the movement and interaction of the players rather than on an individual’s movement. Players can also follow specific drills and understand the relationship between the movement of several players because they can watch the video several times. This can include drills for many different gteam sports.

Athletes must use all tools available to help them succeed in this very competitive world.

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