Industries leveraging contact center solutions to improve consumer journey

Industries leveraging contact center solutions to improve consumer journey

The retention rate of a business can measure the success of the business. Converting a lead into a customer helps in generating one-time profit. Retaining the customer makes them ‘loyal’. A loyal customer for a brand is equivalent to recurring revenue.

One of the significant factors influencing the customer’s flow in the funnel is – their journey. Enhancing customer journey is one of the ways how businesses can tap on the existing clientele and derive profits from them. Simultaneously, personalised communication makes reaching out to customers more fruitful.

Here are some of the industries that are leveraging customer service support software to scale their business:

Banking and Finance – 

Contact center software in the case of the banking and finance sector is extremely crucial. The industry is using the software to ensure that the client has a seamless experience in the services they avail. In the finance sector, the business and the customer makes the most out of the solution because it is used for management and maintenance of the loan offerings, policy inquiries regarding various schemes or taxes, any act implemented by the government or any update in rules etc. with the help of the automated calling, transferring, recording and many others.

Healthcare Industry –

The healthcare industry caters to patients from different geographical locations. Once the treatment is over, the follow-ups can be challenging without having a transparent communication process in place. Having a call center solution helps in multiple ways. The hospitals can choose to offer best-in-class customer service to their patients by assisting them personally. The patients can choose their preferred mode of communication, appointment notifications, billing details, etc. Moreover, the solution is capable of catering the problems like insurance claim assistance, booking appointments etc.

Telecommunication – 

The telecommunication and networking sector takes into consideration the contact center solutions for managing incoming and outgoing calls. The businesses need to ensure that they are proactive and a step ahead to improvise their customer experience. The technology has helped companies to scale by allowing the executives to upsell, offer discounts, offer calling and internet plans etc. The agents can get a complete profile of requirements or usage by the customer and thereafter sell the plan.

Travel and Tourism – 

Many a time, the transport provider misses on catering to the needs of a customer while making bookings. The customer can then get in touch with the helpdesk; where the call center solution can route the calls to the concerned department. Moreover, the travel and tourism department can leverage the solution for offering travel deals, solving travellers’ issues, flight bookings, cancellations, typo errors in the tickets, etc. The aim of deploying this technology is to ensure that the experiential takeaway from the brand is remarkable.

Automotive Industry – 

With the coming in of customer service solutions, the automotive companies have gained the ability to scale up. It is because of contact center solutions that the communication between the automotive companies and their respective service stations has become seamless. Moreover, the solution serves as a smooth channel of getting professional support. The customers get access to 24*7 maintenance services from time to time, selling and replacement of the spare parts, etc. The software can be customised to route calls as per the expertise of the customer service agents serving the call.


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