Real Estate Management Course for Secure Career Opportunity

Real Estate Management Course for Secure Career Opportunity

There are 35 million people employed in the real estate and construction sector and their work and decisions impact the infrastructure people live in. Owing to the great responsibility on their head, jobs in the real estate sector are rewarding in monetary terms also. These white collars appointments pave the way for a progressing career. This is the reason why most of the people in the field of architecture or real estate opt for a career in real estate management.

The journey begins with acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills in the built environment. RICS is a world-renowned body that has proficiency in the built environment. It is a global industry body for real estate & construction present in 146 countries, provides an opportunity to learn directly from the industry in the form of site visits, frequent lectures by industry experts, and real-life case studies.

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In India, RICS SBE is the only institute that offers BBA and MBA in Real Estate Management. The course is designed to educate students about how to manage the property on different levels and their entire lifecycle. The course aims at imparting leadership and decision making competencies to aspiring real estate and urban infrastructure professionals. The program has a balanced mix of technical and managerial competencies that are required to flourish in the Indian Real Estate sector. It is one of a kind real estate management courses in India that takes care of the student’s interest area and accordingly provide them with internships and placements. The institute is a hub of the transformation of a student into a job ready professional during the tenure of the course.

Real estate management course brings the student to understand the market better, make them industry ready and in the end, get them placed in a secure job. Here is a list of specialised jobs after real estate courses:

  • Real Estate Investment Consultant
  • Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Construction Project Manager

Real estate is a lucrative possession, and thus one-third of the world’s wealth is invested in real estate. This is one of the reasons why people are choosing career in this field. As per a National Housing Bank (NHB) 2014-15, the real estate market comes fourth in employment generation in India. As the real estate sector grows, the demand for specialised real estate professionals also grow. A recent report by JLL highlights this as they are hiring 1000 new professionals in this year in India. If you are thinking of doing an MBA in real estate management in India, RICS SBE is the best option as it has strong ties with top-notch players in the real estate sector.

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