The Traditional and Fashionable Kaftan at Ounass

The Traditional and Fashionable Kaftan at Ounass

Kaftan is a long sleeves dress that looks like a robe or tunic. This dress is usually of ankle-length which either has buttons on the front, zip, or a knotted belt on the front area. You will be able to find different styles and designs of Kaftan belonging to various cultures from all around the world. This one-piece dress can be a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe, especially for the formal dresses section. Kaftan is now a trending piece of clothing all around the world, even in the West you will find many women sporting this ensemble with grace and elegance. At Ounass you can find a large variety of Kaftan at a reasonable price with the help of Ounass coupon code.

The Traditional Kaftan

The traditional Kaftan has a high collar, billowing sleeves, and is open from the front. According to some cultures, they may have fitted sleeves while in other places you will find them with flared sleeves. Some designs are front open with buttons from neck to waist, while others have a pullover style that doesn’t require any securing buttons. A little tunic is added to the waist area to give shape to the body, the rest of the body is freely fitted which doesn’t cling to your skin. At Ounass you will be able to find ankle-length Kaftans with some slits from one side. Ounass coupon code can help you in getting different Kaftan styles at a great price.

Perfect for all Weathers

Kaftans are a great piece of clothing that can adapt well to the weather changes. In the hot humid weather, you can opt for light material, such as cotton or linen stitched Kaftan with loose-fitting. The breathable material and lose fitting will make you stay cool in the hot weather. And in case you’re living in a cold temperature area, you can always opt for heavy fabrics and also wear it over different warm innerwear, because of their loose-fitting; they won’t cause trouble when being worn over warm innerwear. With the help of the Ounass coupon code, you can get Kaftans according to seasonal changes without having to worry about your pocket.

Different Cultures

You will find Kaftan in many regions belonging to different cultures. Originally it started from the culture of Iraq and then was extended to central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Originally it was labeled as the modest women Islamic clothing, and was brought forward in different styles; the Egyptian style was the most famous one. With modernization, this dress now has different designs and styles, they have lace, and embroidery and sequence work on it so that it can be worn in formal events as well. The western world has also brought forward improvisation in their designs. At Ounass you can get different styles of Kaftans from different cultural inspirations at a low price with Ounass coupon code.

Kaftan is a versatile piece of clothing. You will find top celebrities from the west sporting it at various red carpet events. With its diversity, you have many options open in the designs and you can find them all at Ounass. In case you find them a little expensive, you can always use the Ounass coupon code to save a few bucks.

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