Types and Functions of Window Blinds

Types and Functions of Window Blinds

Window furnishings or treatments range from drapery, to curtains and blinds and they play a functional and decorative role as well. Window furnishings take up a significant space on your walls; they keep out sunlight and sound and offer privacy. They also contribute to a larger percentage of interior design. Among these widow treatments, blinds are gaining popularity due to their versatility and amazing designs. Let’s highlight the varieties of blinds, their functions and how to determine the best blind company Perth to shop from.

Roller Blinds

This type is the easiest to use since it has a simple design. Roller blinds are made of heavy stiff materials that are attached to an aluminum or wooden roller. They consist of a spring system or manual pull system that enables the blinds to roll up and down at a slight tug.

Types of roller blinds include: block out blinds that exist in bold dark colors and a wide range of designs. Light filter roller blinds permit filtered light to enter the room. Sunscreen roller blinds filter out harsh UV rays and permit greater outdoor visibility as compared to light filter roller blinds. Bonded roller blinds are made of material that is bonded to the surface of the blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of horizontal aluminum slats that are controlled by a chain pulley system. This type of blinds is available in two variations, namely: fabric blinds and cellular blinds. Cellular blinds have a honeycomb structure that is made up of a single layer of fabric and is also controlled by a chain pulley system. Cellular blinds have hexagonal shaped air pouches that trap layers of air thus keeping out heat. Fabric blinds resemble venetian blinds the only difference being that each horizontal slat is folded fabric that is spread apart to cover the entire window.

Vertical Blinds

This type of blinds can be tucked at the sides and they open and shut like a door. Vertical blinds can swivel sideways to allow in light but still obstruct an outside view. This type of blinds is collects less dust, is easy to clean and creates the illusion of height in rooms that have low ceilings. S- Vertis blinds offer a more decorative look as their panels are made in an undulating shape that creates a touch of elegance and texture to a room.

Dual-Function Blinds

This type of blinds plays two functions. That is, to allow in soft light through translucent fabric panels and to block out light completely using opaque fabric panels. The price is a bit on the high end because you are paying for two functions. These blinds are available in eight different sizes and control the amount of light that enters your room by the use if chain pulley system. Screw, glue and clamp installation s are available for a wide range of windows. Each blind has a child safety cord that makes it safe and easy to use. Before you go shopping for blinds, take the correct measurements of your windows and determine the space of wall you want covered. Window furnishings should be up to 10-15 cm below the sill and the longest should barely touch the floor.

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