World Class Timeshares with Resort Vacation International

World Class Timeshares with Resort Vacation International

Sometimes the experience of owning a timeshare or vocational property can be frustrating if it is not handled in the best way possible. This is where Resort Vacations International comes in to ease your frustration and remove the burden of renting a timeshare. Resort Vacations International specializes in connecting renters with vacation property owners. It serves as the middle point for renters seeking property and timeshare owners seeking to rent out their properties. As such, the company will contact you with the right audience and help you rent out your property.

Products and services

Resort Vacation International offers world-class products and services in vocational ownership through targeted marketing, extensive advertising, and listing your property on their website. The company rents out a property from a wide selection of vacation property owners, such as timeshares, condos, or townhouses. However, RVI does not sell timeshares or vocational properties. Instead, it will provide the exposure needed to find buyers. After searching the website, you will fill out a form providing necessary information about the property you are renting out. The agent from Resort Vacation International will then contact and help you throughout the journey of getting clients.

Resort Vacations International delivers all services to the satisfaction of clients. The services they offer are exactly what they promise during the initial session, which means few clients can be disappointed. The staff at the company goes to the extent of calling the property owners and renters and then going over several questions to determine whether the services will help them. The staff at Resort Vacations International have the knowledge and experience of all types of vacation property resorts and are ready to help. You can contact Resort Vacations International and have them market your property based on the top-selling property points.



Extensive Marketing Strategies

Resort Vacations International has a comprehensive and transparent website that makes it easy to start managing your property. The RVI’s site is a database containing different vacation properties and timeshares, allowing renters and property owners to connect. From the moment you click on the site, you will start managing your property by interacting with willing clients. The website’s comprehensive and transparent nature makes it easier for property owners and tenants to communicate and transact business.

RVI will help you rent your property to the targeted audience, thanks to their great marketing strategies. They have incorporated digital marketing that seeks towards increasing traffic and conversions. Some of the marketing properties include corporate and vacationing publications, direct mail, travel agencies, and event planners. The strategic and advanced marketing and advertising system used by RVI has an appealing humanist touch that creates the first impression from buyers.

resort vacations international marketing strategy chart

Advantages of RVI

Resort Vacation International will help by marketing your property and reducing the frustration of maintaining a timeshare. If you purchase a vacation property but rarely uses it, then Resort Vacations International is the place to seek help. The company will help you out rent the property and stop paying out money in taxes and maintenance.

At the same time, if you have invested in vacation property to earn passive income, Resort Vacation International will help you achieve the dream by ensuring you don’t worry about managing your property. The moment you click on the website, you find all the help needed to rent out your timeshare and earn income without directly involved.


Therefore, if you have any timeshare property, contact Resort vacations international and they will help to connect you with interested renters within three months. They will help maximize your time and money. The company will sell the extra vacation weeks associated with your timeshare. They will help rent out your additional timeshare getaway weekends. As such, you will be paid to rent out your time instead of paying maintenance fees.

Evelyn Rayner