Judge Judy Weighs In On Harvey Weinstein: ‘Some of the time, Payback Is Nasty’


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Judge Judy Weighs In On Harvey Weinstein: ‘Some of the time, Payback Is Nasty’

Judy Sheindlin, otherwise known as Judge Judy, did not keep down when TMZ asked the darling TV judge on Wednesday what she thought of the various rape charges against Harvey Weinstein.

“In the event that half of what has been accounted for is exact, at that point, I figure, you can’t request bolster from individuals you’ve worked with throughout the years — simply out of unwaveringness,” the resigned Manhattan judge stated, alluding to an email Weinstein sent to partners before he was terminated from the organization he helped to establish, The Weinstein Company. In the letter, Weinstein made a request to be permitted to “revive” himself “with another opportunity.”

“I think you must have the capacity to state, ‘Guess what? Someone who has ability isn’t qualified for be a misanthrope, isn’t qualified for cause passionate or physical torment,'” she said.

“On the off chance that you’ve been given a breathe easy, at that point there is payback,” Sheindlin included. “Also, once in a while payback is terrible.”

Judge Judy is among many stars who are taking a stand in opposition to Weinstein, including Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and George Clooney.

This article initially showed up on HuffPost.

Weinstein Co. Staff members Reeling From Latest Harvey Revelations, Company’s Future in DoubtVariety

Weinstein Co. Staff members Reeling From Latest Harvey Revelations, Company’s Future in Doubt

Assortment Cynthia Littleton,Variety 6 hours prior

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Harvey Weinstein Bob Weinstein

The Weinstein Co. has been in a condition of turmoil since last Thursday when the primary disclosures of many years of asserted inappropriate behavior by previous pioneer Harvey Weinstein were uncovered by the New York Times. Be that as it may, Tuesday’s report in the New Yorker with charges of assault and other sexually forceful conduct in realistic detail from more casualties has drastically elevated the tide of outrage and terrify coursing through the organization’s workplaces in Tribeca and Beverly Hills, which house around 150 representatives.

One insider said work at TWC has basically came to a standstill while staff members process the data revealed in the New Yorker report. Harvey Weinstein has denied through a representative that he occupied with any sexual demonstrations that were non-consensual.

There is expanding assumption that Harvey Weinstein’s terminating isn’t sufficient to contain the harm caused by the disclosures of the previous week. Among insiders and untouchables, questions are expanding about the amount TWC co-director Bob Weinstein and head working officer David Glasser thought about the conduct asserted in the New York Times and New Yorker stories.

Among staff members, there is shock — and some mistrust — over cases in the New Yorker story by Ronan Farrow that female officials at TWC and the Weinstein siblings’ past organization, Miramax, orchestrated contacts in lodging rooms and office settings for Harvey Weinstein with clueless ladies.

“Individuals knew Harvey dirtied things,” said one TWC staff member. “Individuals did not know this.” The source said there was an abnormal state of uncertainty that female officials as of late purposely agreed to Harvey’s solicitations to set up meet.

In the interim, the poisonous quality of the stories has provoked a portion of the organization’s innovative accomplices to search for approaches to separate themselves from the Weinstein Co. As of now, Harvey Weinstein’s name has been dropped in the official maker credits of the TV demonstrates delivered by TWC, at TWC’s ask. It’s comprehended that a few systems conveying TWC indicates are taking a gander at the likelihood of getting them out totally to stay with the’s imprimatur off of shows — especially arrangement that still can’t seem to make a big appearance.

The emergency whirling around the organization has likewise raised questions about TWC’s capacity to advance as an organization with its present administration. Bounce Weinstein and Glasser were named by the TWC board as accepting control in the wake of Harvey’s ouster late Sunday. There’s additionally the possibility of case emitting amongst Harvey and the organization he helped to establish with his sibling in 2005. That would be another expensive diversion for an organization that was at that point under budgetary weight from a drawn out droop in the cinematic world. TWC has been attempting to pitch a stake in its TV division to fulfill weight from financial specialists to convey a few returns. Be that as it may, TWC has discovered no takers in spite of the gold rush of M&A around autonomous TV creation outfits amid the previous couple of years.

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