Andy Cohen Replaces Kathy Griffin, Joins Anderson Cooper On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special


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Andy Cohen Replaces Kathy Griffin, Joins Anderson Cooper On CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special

Andy Cohen will co-have CNN’s New Year’s Eve festivity with Anderson Cooper. Cohen, best known as host and EP of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, will join Cooper in Times Square in New York City. “New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen” on Sunday, December 31st.

“Andy is the life of the gathering wherever he goes, and what greater gathering is there than New Year’s Eve? It will be an impact!” said Cooper in the present declaration, while Cohen stated, “I’ve been companions with Anderson for a quarter century. We’ve ventured to the far corners of the planet together and performed in 30 or more urban communities with “AC2″ and it’s altogether prompted this one gigantic night!”

Frightful canned quotes aside, the two men have an extraordinary compatibility, as of late confirm when Cohen was a visitor on Cooper’s primetime CNN appear, offering to deliver a Real Housewives-ish gathering appear for CNN in which The Wives Of Donald Trump could explode their disparities, truly. His proposal came the day Ivana called herself Trump’s First Wife and in this manner First Lady while stopping her book; Melania Trump was not entertained.

In that release of AC 360, Cohen additionally clarified how President Donald Trump’s tweets are great Real Housewives stunts:

CNN ended its concurrence with Griffin to show up in its New Year’s Eve program in May, after her photograph shoot in which she held up a “beheaded” head of President Donald Trump and was shot both by the left and the right.

Presently in its eleventh year, CNN’s New Year’s Eve indicate is a worldwide festival highlighting commitments from CNN journalists the nation over and around the globe.

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