Critical Mass 2017


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Have you at any point popped popcorn in a pot on a stove? It begins off moderate one desolate bit, a flag. Progressively more participate until the point that it achieves the point where the pieces are popping at the same time fast fire.

That is the place we‘re at regarding the enlivening of Consciousness on the Planet-the individuals who are more intrigued by “changing the texture of reality for the prosperity of all,” than in self-advancement, self-glorification or self-advancement are arousing and perceiving two significant certainties: We are One and there’s sufficient and, Our opportunity has come.

We are One and there’s sufficient. There are sufficient assets and enough know-how to make a world that is sans contamination and giving liberally to every one of its occupants. The staying point is the obliviousness that advances eagerness. With a specific end goal to change that the Hundredth Monkey impact needs to kick in. Also, that relies upon you-your dynamic interest.

I’ve been utilizing this specific similarity for over 10 years: Imagine humankind as a solitary extensive body with each of us as individual cells in that body. On the off chance that we need the body to be enLightened, each of us needs to concentrate without anyone else cell. The a greater amount of us who Light up our cells, the Lighter the body will be. That ‘Light’ is stirred Consciousness, and minimum amount as far as social building is a significantly more modest number than we envision somewhere close to 10-17%.

Our opportunity has come. We have achieved the point where the way toward arousing Consciousness is being bolstered on a mass scale-by Cosmic powers of Universal extent and whether you know it or not, in case you’re perusing these words, you are intended to partake in this sublime change of a development and a planet.

You’re not being made a request to make any penances, and you’re not being made a request to burn through cash you might not have. You’re just being made a request to advance forward and say: “I’m in. I’m willing to make the basic strides that will empower Consciousness to all the more completely stir in me. I’m willing to develop Love in my own being and create that Love into my group with a specific end goal to elevate humankind and ‘change the texture of reality for the prosperity of all.’


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