20 Min everyday and MindValley- The New Learning Platform will Change Your Life


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There is a little dissatisfaction in every mind; there is a little edginess in every heart! We deal with a lot of disturbing emotions every day not outside but inside us. We look for solutions but fail to find any answers in day to day life that doesn’t seem to be changing. – Such a state of mind can lead us to depression gradually. At some or other stage of life many of us suffer depression in different forms. This happens due to faded vision of future, losing hopes and faith. What is needed at this time is the counseling by someone who can take us from the path of uncertainty to the path of virtue and faith.

At Mindvalley academy you will get just the right people to deal with! You will meet them and realize that your life is going to transform for a better version of “you”.

What does Mindvalley do?

Mindvalley academy is world’s 1st online university for transformational education. They provide world class courses that help in creating outstanding transformation among people.

The nature of courses is varying as per the demand of people. Some premium courses are paid while there are some courses that are free of cost. One can always enroll into their free courses and get an insight of what is going to hold in their transformational journey.

The idea behind this education is to channelize the power of positivity and positive thinking among people so that they can harness the power of realization to patent their personal growth in life.

How does Mindvalley help individuals?

First of all Mindvalley academy persuades you to spend at least 20-25 minutes of your day’s time with “you” exclusively. If you don’t know how to utilize it then you can look at some of the youtube videos of mindvalley academy and find out what you need to do.

On various links you will meet teachers who have partnered with mindvalley academy. These are the renowned teachers from all over the globe who have helped people in mastering the art of healthy living and personal growth.

You will be guided to the path of self realization through meditation and yoga but the techniques adopted by the practitioners and teachers at mindvalley academy are most contemporary. These 20 minutes of your time with mindvalley academy are going to be a turning stone in your life where you will meet yourself in a polished and confident frame.

At mindvalley academy we understand that it is not possible for each and everyone to reach the place and venue of classes being held. Therefore, we hold online sessions for our students to make their life stress free .

Come and the benefit with our personal growth courses and realize the difference in your life. There is only one life to live and one should discover full potential of their being without any hesitations and limitations. Be limitless with Mindvalley.


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