Transactional SMS: Know its purpose and usage


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These days, bulk sms promotion is being availed by organizations of all types and sizes to promote its brand of business. Bulk sms promotion through mobile phones, dedication applications and life cycle texting are being used for effective business promotion. However, transactional text messages are termed to be taking discussions from being heavy to more credible.

What is transactional sms used for?

According to the industry experts, transactional sms api is more about informing people pertaining to the services taken by them. the messages are sent as people choose alerts for information purpose. for instance, the person has opted for message alerts to be sent by their bank for transaction being done. The other example is that the school management will not be able to go to every person’s home to provide some crucial or vital information pertaining to the school. Using transactional bulk sms, this message can be communicated effectively by the parents. People are free to choose for services in which they may be interested to get alerts to stay updated.

Transactional SMSes can also be termed to be an excellent way to link with the clients. The marketer by sending across messages can be in touch with the targeted client’s mobile number directly. The message is also conveyed on time and understood thoroughly.

Cost effective marketing strategy

It is without doubt that transactional sms service is termed to be a cheap marketing tool and strategy that will fit the budget of each and every entrepreneur. At the same time, it is sent instantly to the recipient’s inbox in fraction of seconds. Also, it is trouble free and it is very much possible to send across more than one message to the same number as well as huge list of numbers at the same time. This way, thousands of people on the list can stay updated constantly about the different types of services, offers, discounts and deals offered by the company. A majority of such recipients may take positive steps thus, increasing the sales and revenue of the business.

Enjoy the benefits

The truth is higher message approval does help generate high income. People these days are addicted to checking their phones every now and then for messages. Informational sms which are generally short in word count and crisp and clear to be understood and read anywhere can really assist the recipient to benefit from it. The fact cannot be neglected that transactional messages do help to increase business by leaps and bounds. Using such services, the brand can reach to targeted audiences spread across the globe and even in remote corners. With bulk sms rates being very reasonable, this marketing strategy can be used every now and then, like during new product launches, changing of a existing scheme, registration numbers, etc. The type of messages to be sent will entirely depend upon the type of products and services offered by the business.

Thus, it can be safely stated that transactional SMS is fast becoming popular among government and non-government organizations and used as an effective marketing tool.


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