What Americans Have in Common


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Even so much is being written about the Americans being distributed, but it is very little about what we are united.

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I will occasionally collapse in the local pubs. He taught me how to sweep the horse race near close OTB. Lessons were simple: play difficulties. It’s OK, since time, to bet on a horse whose name gives you a good feeling – but do not drink alcohol if they do not finish the last line. He also taught me to lose tickets and thrown them to the ground. We often did this. Bad weather on our feet.

Every time I often win a lot of cheap soda and a round of ice. But most of them and I will only talk about vanity and how the next condition was our golden ticket.

He once said that the world was the largest country in the world because all were out for themselves. I responded well, told him, yes, Americans have the right to pursue happiness.

“I’m never happy,” he said.

Nor are the Americans. It connects us all together. If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! One thing in which we have the common – our main basic bond – is deeply dissatisfied with everything. There is a record of continuous backward disappointment hanging by American history, if the winner is celebrating, the winners who celebrate LearnTechNews technology for research.

Our entire Republic is based on fact that is given by bankruptcy. There is no right that can end the human law. The right to pursue happiness is one of them. To pursue it, it hunt like a beast. We will push the weakened path to an opportunity to capture the bronze ring.

However, in fact, there is no right to be happy.

I clearly recall a very young and ideal college professor that “follow me once” and in my first thought, “and then what?”

Americans are not happy. A pleasant people do not punish for each other for the game. We are unfortunately and, as they say, trouble social media.

Our homes are too small or too large. Those people representing our interests do not represent them, if absolutely. We are not smart or beautiful or quite smart. We are unhappy if the boot is on our throat or our foot is in boot.

Healthy is unhealthy that the illness passes very much. Stupid are undesirable wages. The victim is unjustly that the tablet is worshiped. Men are unhappy and they have to share. Women are unhappy and they have to wait. Everyone complains that everyone complains.

Oh, and if you are non-white then you become unhappy because promises were made but never kept completely.

That’s why rich and wealthy rich. Americans are told that if they go for education for debt then there will be their opportunity and then there is only a loan. The risk of their lives in American foreign wars began to profit but sold as the protection of the Republic. Americans struggle, struggle, powder and shoulder, and most of them struggle.

Everyone wants their fair share and, if possible, an extra fair share.

Sometimes our happiness is happily followed by other people. If anyone else is not we are religious and unhappy? We like Batman and are rather unhappy if anyone likes Wolverine. We like ketchup and when someone else calls for the land becomes unhappy.

Those who claim they are happy. These types are generally flagware. Never trust a flag buffer: they will change you at the moment they think that you are not correcting the flag.

America keeps such a good kingdom, but its citizen hates all its sorts that it provides – blood-free cheap-oxycods, electronics, and gallon gases. Such great rewards are envy of the world. Still, we are unhappy. Angry, even. If I do not know better, I want to say that the late stage capital does not meet spiritually as we think it will happen.


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