Christ Embassy Leaders Gather In London To Hear Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


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The Leaders and Partners’ Conference took place this past weekend in London, England, bringing together thousands of people involved in the ministry of Christ Embassy. The megachurch, also known as Believers’ LoveWorld, was founded by Nigerian pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 1987. The organization has member churches across the globe, and it is known for its emphasis on divine healing and aspects of the Christian spiritual life, such as prayer. The Rev. Oyakhilome hosted and oversaw the conference, which began at 3pm local time on both July 14 and 15.

Despite coinciding with the 2018 World Cup, the event gathered thousands of people from all over the world and filled the SSE Arena in Wembley, London. Many of the guests had traveled from Africa and North America, representing a variety of nationalities and ethnicities. For these believers, engaging in their faith and learning from Rev. Oyakhilome took precedence over joining millions to watch the World Cup this weekend. The program included worship, study of Scripture, and sermons from Rev. Oyakhilome.

The Leaders and Partners’ Conference in the United Kingdom marks the halfway point to a series of programs that Christ Embassy and Rev. Oyakhilome are hosting this year, which the pastor has called “The Year of the Supernatural.” Other events this summer have included the International Music Concert at Lagos, Nigeria, in June and monthly Global Communion Services, which are broadcasted across the world.

The thousands of attendees seemed overwhelmed and excited to be invited participants in the conference. Many expressed their admiration for Rev. Oyakhilome’s ministry, which they called dynamic and inspiring. The pastor, who is known to the members of his congregation as Pastor Chris, has been called a “man of God” and lauded for his emphasis on divine healing.

Before the beginning of the conference, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shared his expectations and excitement in a feature video. He anticipated the opportunity to encourage more leaders and partners to join his ministry and Christ Embassy for future conferences.

He commented, “On the 14th and the 15th of the month of July, we will be in London for a very special conference for leaders and partners. If you’ve never been a partner, it’s time to be a partner with us in ministry. We are taking this thing to another whole new level by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also spoke about his purpose for the conference, stating that he was coming to London “to share the word of God with you that would just catapult you to a new pedestal of faith and operation in the spirit for the things that God is calling you up to.”

The closed-door event was marked as a success, and the church has expressed its pleasure that so many people were able to attend the 2018 conference in London. It looks forward to similar engagement with its members over the rest of the year. In a statement from Christ Embassy, the ministry hopes that the “glorious demonstration of the Spirit of God through teaching, prophecies, miracles would impact leaders and partners in the BLW Ministry, for the greater works to be done.”

For more information on future events, or to read about Believers’ LoveWorld, Christ Embassy has directed believers to visit the official website of Rev. Oyakhilome:


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