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Water purifiers have now become an essential part of once life. As nowadays we can see a lot of dust particles, carbons which can cause harm to one’s life. Due to these, one should definitely install a water purifier. These days in the market you can see RO and UV water purifier most trending. Let us look at their advantages.

Advantages of UV water purifier  

Cost effective: if we see the cost of the UV water purifier it is reasonable compared to other water purifies.

No chemical is used: another best thing about the UV water purifier is that no chemical is used while making the water purifier. So the water which we get from UV water purifier tastes good also the water colour is also unaltered.

Simple mechanism: in this system the process of getting waters I very simple. In this most of them come with inbuilt taps so you just have to on the switch and the process is done accordingly. This purification process is faster than others, and you get water easily.

The pipes do not get damaged easily: another best thing about the UV water purifier is that the pipe does not get damaged. It is because there is no chemical added to it.

Thus there are the advantages of UV purifier.

Advantages of RO water purifier

  • RO water purifier uses semi-permeable which helps in removing the salt taste from the water. During this process, the water purifier contaminates sodium, copper, lead and some organic chemicals from the water.
  • RO water purifier helps to convert the hard water into sweet water. Reserve osmosis is the best process to purify the water.
  • RO water purifier helps to remove the toxin such as lead, mercury, chlorine and fluoride   from the water and helps to make the water clean and fresh.
  • RO water filter is a great process for removing the dust particles and minute things so that you get clear water to drink.

These are the advantages of RO water purifier.

The reason why we should drink water

There is a lot of reason why we should drink a lot of water. Experts like RO care India also suggest that one should drink at least eleven glass of water a day. This is why one should have clean and tasty water so that one feels like drinking water more and more. For this, you need to have the best water purifier. One should drink a glass as soon as they wake up in the morning this will lead them to better digestion. If someone is feeling sleepy, the one should have a glass of water which can boost your mind and give you more energy to do work. Drinking a lot of water can also glow your face and prevent you from having pimples.

Drinking water can also help you from hydrating your body and can prevent you from bad headache and back ace which causes from dehydration. If one does not drink sufficient water, then a chance of kidney stone is also possible. Thus this is why one should drink a lot of water and keep their body fit and fine.


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