5 ways to bag your dream Motorsport job


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Formula 1 is a multi-million dollar industry, with plenty of opportunities for fans of the sport to find a job they really want. From glamourous roles to mechanical engineering jobs and even seasonal hospitality positions, there’s something for everyone. What can you do to make sure you get that dream job you’ve always wanted?

1. Go to a Motosports Jobs Fair

Why mess around? If you want to bag your dream job in this industry, head to the UK’s only motorsports and automative jobs fair, which takes place each year at different locations. It’s a great way to network and find out more about the kinds of roles on offer from hospitality jobs at F1 Paddock Club Monaco to engineering and even officiating roles.

2. Send your CV to the right agencies

You really want your CV with the right people, not with generic agencies who will send you to interviews for any old jobs. Agencies such as Jonathon Lee, who specialise in motor sports engineering jobs and Anderson Gothard Moroz, the Silverstone recruiter, are great options, as well as the motorsportsjobs.com portal, where you’ll find all kinds of jobs in a wide range of locations.

3. Using the right social media channels

Jobs advertised directly from the employer often go up first on social media. Follow the top employers such as, F1 Paddock Club Monaco to be the first in line when a new opportunity is Tweeted, Instagrammed or posted on Facebook.

4. Volunteer

Whilst Formula 1 makes enough money to pay most of the officials, the lower divisions, such as Formula 3, depend heavily on volunteers. Try to get a job as a steward, even for no or little pay, to gain invaluable insight into the industry. That real-world experience and networking will really help you get a job in the future.

5. Online Networking

Use LinkedIn to declare your passion for finding work in motorsports and reach out to the right bodies in the business in order to get your name out there. Craft an excellent and authentic profile and network strategically.

There are plenty of jobs available in motorsports and sometimes it’s simply about being in the right place at the right time, but you also need to be strategic about where you look and who you network with.


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