Five ways to personalise your rental property


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In the current climate, more and more people are living in rented accommodation due to the difficulties of getting your foot on the property ladder, with this upward trend not set to slow down anytime soon. If you are renting, it can be frustrating if you want to make the place feel like your own dream home.

There are many ways to keep your landlord onside when personalising your property. Your landlord should have introduced you to property inventory software, which protects you and the landlord in the event of any future disputes; in addition, it can protect your deposit, which often disappears due to misunderstandings. 

With this in mind, you should feel at ease adding your own stamp safe in the knowledge that you can easily settle any discord. Here are five ways to personalise your rental property:

Adorn your home with personal treasures

Transform your home with personal items that evoke happy memories; for example, this could be shells you collected from your holiday or pictures of your family and friends.

Statement pieces

Large mirrors and pieces of art can be left freestanding as a contemporary statement in your home. Some landlords allow fixtures and fittings, but always check before hammering nails into the walls! 

Go bold with colours and texture

You can cover undesirable flooring with large rugs and dress your windows with beautiful curtains to draw attention away from magnolia walls. 

Freestanding storage and shelves 

Rented homes often have no storage, which you definitely need to live a clutter-free lifestyle. Freestanding shelves, bookcases and television cabinets will help you to personalise your living area.

Bringing the outside in

A bit of greenery always cheers up an impersonal space. Whether you introduce a large houseplant or tomatoes growing on the windowsill, bringing the outside in will help you to achieve your personalisation goals.

According to Property Reporter. young people and students are particularly at risk of losing their deposit. This could be avoided if they had simply signed an inventory when moving in.

Landlords should use software from a specialist such as Inventory Base property inventory software providers to implement the fairest practice for them and the tenant. 

A quality property inventory will give landlords and tenants the option to add their own comments, photographs and supporting evidence to disperse potential disputes.


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