Six great holiday packing tips


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Although it can be tempting to over-pack, if you plan ahead you will find you need much less in the way of clothes than you think to look great every day and night. Here are our top tips for effective holiday packing.

Don’t take too many shoes

If you travel in the trainers or plimsolls you will be wearing during the days, you only need to pack flip-flops for the beach and some heels or sandals for evenings.

Take plenty of tee shirts

You will probably be wearing tees all day, every day and it is a good idea to take a couple more than you think you will need in case of accidents. Because white tees will go with everything, pack plenty of these.

Use your beach bag or basket as your hand luggage

Not only will this prevent your basket from being crushed in transit, but it is also a handy size to take all your travel essentials and possibly a change of clothes in case your hold luggage is lost or delayed. According to The Express MyBaggage experts advise that luggage that is ugly, unusual, brightly coloured or a strange shape is less likely to be lost than more conventional cases.

Take at least two maxi dresses

These are easy to pack, low maintenance, cool and ideal for wearing during the day. They can easily be dressed up by adding a jacket or pashmina for the evening and team well with a pair of sparkly sandals for an elegant look. Why not view our maxi dresses collection at AX Paris to find maxi dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd on your holiday.

Turn day into night

There is no great mystery about dressing for the evening when you are on holiday. Often, just adding some jewellery and changing into more elegant shoes is all that’s needed. A kaftan is particularly versatile and you can wear it on the beach as easily as you can to dinner.

Plan your outfits

Before you pack your clothes in the case, try hanging them up and take a photo of each together with the accessories you plan to wear with them. This way you will not have to think about which bag matches which top or which necklace complements which dress.


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