Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Malaysia


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Malaysia is a beautiful country with a growing economy and has so much to offer to its people. Many cultures can be seen in Malaysia, each one being expressed by love and harmony. In old times Malaysia was designated as a stop for the world spice route.  

This country is the mixed landscapes of new and old traditions. Malaysia is very affordable and has a low cost of goods, wearables, and other items. Indeed property can also be bought at affordable rates in any place in Malaysia and here is a list of 5 cheap properties in Malaysia for the people who want to buy cheap property in Malaysia.


1- Ipoh

This beautiful city is located in northwestern Malaysia and is the gateway to Cameron Highlands hill station. Ipoh is the home to incredible temples, sceneries, colonial architecture, and so much more. It is an amazing tourist destination.

You can visit exotic cave temples and colonial legacy structures. This city is also famous for its natural attraction and cosines. Ipoh is known as the cleanest city in Malaysia. It is a great city to live in and buy the property. 

The real estate prices are low as compared to many big cities of Malaysia. You can buy an affordable apartment at an average price of 90,000 MYR in Ipoh.

   2-Pekan, Pahang

It is a town in Pekan district Pahang, Malaysia. This town is named after a flower, the Bunga Pekan. Traditionally when tourists come to visit Malaysia, there are many beautiful places that are overlooked because people do not know about them. Pekan Town is one of those places.

This town is at a distance of 3.5-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum is present in this town that was constructed in 1929. This mosque is the favorite venue for multiple religious events.

The Chini Lake of Pekan is the majestic second largest freshwater lake in the country. The lake is the great attraction of Pahang. This town is a great destination for people who want to have a peaceful life. 

This town offers so much to its residents. The real estate is also low here, and you can buy an affordable property at an average price of 80,000 MYR.


Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. This state is the home to many other small towns, including Aru, Kaki Bukit, Kangar, and Padang Besar.

 Perlis is the quietest state in Malaysia. Perlis retains an old-world charm in it. Little development goes on here; although this area Is small, this place is worth visiting if you want to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. 

You can easily buy cheap property in different areas of Perlis. A cheap property can be bought at an average price of 60,000 MYR.   

   4-Kota Bharu

This city is the state capital of Kelantan. It is a socially conservative city in a state that is ruled by the Islamic part of Malaysia. This place might not be the most popular destination for tourists, but it is worth the visit. Many people who like to stay away from all the hustle and bustle of the city come here to spend a vacation.

This area is less territory and offers affordable houses and apartments. Kota Bharu provides all the facilities to its residents; there are mosques, museums, temples, and markets here.  

The main beach of Kota Bharu is the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic or evening stroll. You can buy cheap property at an average price of 45,000 MYR.


This town is located in the Malaysian state of Sabah. It is the second big city in Sabah and has many wood chopping industries. It is the second most important port of Sabah. Many products, including tobacco, cocoa, and palm oil, are exported from here. This city is developing with time and becoming a beautiful tourist destination.

This city offers both cheap and expensive properties. You can buy expensive houses in some areas while in some areas the property price is quite low. If you are looking for affordable property, you can buy it at an average price of 40,000 MYR.



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