Image SEO Involves to Boost Your Site Traffic – Know Before You Go!


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Yes, images play a crucial role in making webpages more appealing visitors. You can find that people typically spend a lot of time choosing the right images to enhance their blog posts, product pages, and so forth. But they not at all spend an equal amount of time for optimizing images for search engines!

When it comes to image SEO, the most common and indicated tip is to fill your image alt text, there seems to be nothing more to it! If you site relies on visual content, then it’s better to spend some time to optimize the images on your site. Doing will assist you to get more organic traffic and even provides a better experience to your audiences. You can find that most web-businesses uses free online PNG to JPG converter to convert PNG to JPG image file and then optimize it before uploading. 

In this content, we decided to mention best image SEO tips that will help you in getting more organic traffic, let’s explore them:

Include Descriptive Filenames for Images:

Due to the advance level Google Machine Learning capabilities, one may argue that it’s no longer essential to use descriptive filenames for images. 

That’s good approach; you should have to try Google’s Cloud Vision API, Google’s machine learning tool for entirely image identification. 

First of all you have to choose a few random images from the web, then simply remove the descriptive text in the filenames, and then begin uploading these images to note the accuracy with which Google predicts most of images. But that’s only the key here. Most images – not said all images. Well, remember that before choosing random images you should try to get JPG images since there are compatible format for web-dependent businesses and even best for SEO. And, if you come with PNGs, then use free online PNG to JPG converter that facilitates you to change PNG to PDF while maintaining the original quality of images. 

Choose the Best File Format:

Page load time is referred to as a critical SEO factor both on desktop as well as mobile. And, images are the things that often contribute the most of page load time. We recommended use JPG’s rather than PNGs, you can find that JPG images can be compressed tremendously that leads to high-quality images with relatively small file sizes. You can give free try to this PNG to JPG converter online if you have PNG and want to turn it into JPG right now. 

Google depicted that images are typically the largest contributor to overall page size that can make pages slow and expensive to load. 

When it comes to optimizing images for site speed, you ought to select a format, which provides you with the best compression and the least reduction in quality. Here where you require to uses JPG image file. No doubt, most images on the web-dependent businesses fall under the two file types: JPG and PNG, these both image formats use different compression techniques and even the file sizes between these two formats can be varying. Most authorized SEO website uses JPG due to their small size and even the compression image data technique; you can use online PNG to JPG converter for the ease of converting PNG image to JPG image accurately. But, if your images contain text, line drawings, etc, then you should have to opt for PNG image format. 

Remember That:

  • When it comes to photographs, you have to go with JPG image format
  • When it comes to images with text, you have to go with PNG

And, if you’d like to convert PNG to JPG image files, then use best PNG to JPG converter and for vice versa visit theonlineconverter for best and free conversions. 

Compress Your Images:

This is the utmost important step in optimizing your image for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Remember that the larger your image file size is, the longer it will takes the website page to load it. Site speed is referred to as an important factor of ranking, so it’s crucial to your best for optimizing the speed and performance of your website. Note that turn PNG into JPG with the PNG to JPG converter online, and then compress it before uploading on your site. 

Large image file sizes indicated as the patent cause of speed issues. Fortunately, you people can find several free online tools that can assist you to compress the file size of your images. 

Provide Alt Text for Images:

 Alt text is an acronym for “alternative text” that is also known as alt attributes, it is specifically account to describe an image. Experts revealed that adding alt text to your site images will improves the web accessibility and even lets browsers to better understand the images on your site. 

Despite advanced Google image understanding abilities, adding alt text to images is still ideal for on-page SEO factor. 

In a Nut-Shell:

No doubt that Search Engines machine learning abilities are evolving day by day. Maybe a day comes when you people no longer require accounting for an image SEO. But until that day arrives, you should have to optimize the images to boost your site organic traffic. So, choose carefully the image format for your website, if your preference is includes JPGs and you have PNGs, then it’s right time to use free PNG to JPG converter that designed to change PNG to quality JPG images.


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