iOS 16 beta 6 offers more control over battery percentage in power saving mode, but…

iOS 16 Battery Percentage Power Saving Mode 1000x605 iOS 16 beta 6 offers more control over battery percentage in power saving mode, but...

With iOS 16 beta 5 , Apple first added the battery percentage to the status bar on iPhones with a notch (iPhone X and some newer models). But by releasing iOS 16 beta 6 , the manufacturer is allowing users to have a bit more control over the battery percentage when power saving mode is enabled.

With iOS 16 beta 5, the battery percentage was already optional and users could therefore choose to see either the percentage or the classic battery level indicator in the status bar of their iPhone. However, when economy mode was activated, the battery percentage was also simultaneously activated automatically. However, with the latest iOS 16 beta, Apple has changed this behavior.

Now, users who have chosen to disable battery percentage will not see it when power saving mode is enabled. Note that some users found the new interface for the battery percentage slightly confusing, as the battery icon does not correspond to the percentage when the battery is draining. The icon only changes when the battery level reaches 20%; it turns red and appears ipso facto the icon with an almost empty battery. This means that the icon can “make the user believe” that the battery is still full, which is then not the case.

iOS 16 Battery Percentage Low Battery 1000x500 iOS 16 beta 6 offers more control over battery percentage in power saving mode, but...

This is a very nice little tweak for some users, but (yes, there’s a but), with iOS 16 beta 6, the battery percentage at the status bar is still not available on iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini. The reasons for this choice on the part of Apple are not known, but it could be related to the size (on the iPhone 12 and 13 mini) and the resolution of the screen (on the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 ).

iOS 16 is currently available in beta to developers and users enrolled in Apple’s beta program. The official release of the new iPhone operating system (speaking of the final and stable version) will take place during the month of September.

Apple could do better

The arrival of battery percentage on iPhones with a notch will be very useful for some users (for others, it will probably be just a gadget feature ). However, without taking too much of a head, it is possible to see that Apple decided to add it in a hurry, without providing too much attention to it. But the manufacturer could take its time and do better by offering a better implementation of the battery percentage on iPhones with notch. Indeed, the image below shows some alternatives that Apple could offer. Let’s hope that the iPhone manufacturer has the idea (or the desire) to offer us one of these alternatives. Why not alternative A?