Easy Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed in 2023


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Slow internet speed?

You are not alone if you’re tired of video buffering and annoying Zoom lag. When working from home, a poor internet connection is particularly frustrating.


The good news is that you can likely accelerate it with a few simple measures. No technical expertise is necessary! Today, we’ll provide some simple and effective internet-speeding strategies. We’ve listed them in ascending order of required effort/time. Hopefully, this article will help you resolve any speed-related issues.

Reconfigure Your Router and Modem

Turning things on and off again can fix various internet speed problems.


If you have a separate modem from your router, you also need to reset it. Rebooting your router helps clean cached memory and unnecessary background processes.


It’s a terrific approach to revitalizing your ISP connection. Many ISPs recommend that you reset it each month because it can be so effective.

Adjust Your Router’s Antennae

If your router’s external antennae are adjustable, try adjusting them. Typically, router antennas are omnidirectional. Since signals are transmitted perpendicular to the antenna, a vertical antenna will transmit horizontal signals and vice versa.


If you’re trying to connect to a router on a different floor of your home, try horizontally flipping the antenna. Don’t worry if you don’t see antennas on your router. Numerous routers incorporate antennas within the device casing.

Clear Your Browsing History and Cache

When you visit and interact with websites, browsers save pieces of data about you in a cache. Make it a practice to frequently clean your cache and browsing history. This will prevent the collected data from slowing down your Internet connection.

Check Your Data Limit

Typically, internet service providers limit the amount of data you can use each month. If you surpass your data limit, your ISP will likely impose significant internet speed restrictions.


The simplest approach to determine if you have a data cap is to review a previous bill’s fine print. If you consistently exceed the monthly limit, it is likely time to update your plan.


However, data throttling has become more prevalent as a result of COVID-19 forcing more individuals to work from home. In order to accommodate this shift in demand, many ISPs have been forced to throttle their subscribers’ connections.

Use Antivirus Software

Malware can significantly slow down your Internet connection. To determine if it is the culprit, do a virus and malware scan on your system with a reputable antivirus program. If any dangers are detected, you can eliminate them and observe whether this improves performance.

Disconnect Idle Devices

Try unplugging any devices that aren’t needed from your network. Things such as obsolete phones and forgotten tablets have been using up the bandwidth.


Some routers today include an application that displays all devices connected to the home network. From there, it is simple to detach any unnecessary devices. If your router lacks an app, your best option is to alter the Wi-Fi password for your network. Each device will then need to re-login to the network using the new password.


It may be tedious if you have a large number of devices, but it is a thorough method for removing unneeded connections. In addition to the above recommendation, you should also check to determine whether anyone is using your Wi-Fi without permission.


If you haven’t secured your home network, and especially if you haven’t changed the default username and password, it’s rather simple for a neighbor to join it and enjoy the free bandwidth.

Determine the Optimal Router/ISP Settings

Many individuals are unaware that network settings can be modified. A router’s default settings do not necessarily represent its optimal configuration. Visit the websites of your router manufacturer and ISP to check the suggested settings. Sign in to your router to compare and update its settings.

Replace Your Modem or Router

Even if you get the most advanced hardware, it will ultimately become obsolete. As ISPs strive to adapt and remain competitive, older models will gradually fall behind the internet offered by ISPs.


Look for a new router that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and incorporates a network management application. Also, ensure that your new modem and routers are compatible with your Internet service plan and ISP network.

Change Your Internet Provider or Plan

We’ve saved this tip for last because it’s the most troublesome.


If nothing else is improving your internet speed, consider switching your internet package or your Internet service provider. Try discussing your internet challenges with your service provider. In addition to assisting you with troubleshooting, they may also be able to suggest a better approach for your needs.


The disadvantage is that it will likely cost you more. Be careful to read reviews to learn about the experiences of other customers.


Finally, if your Internet service provider continues to offer you a slow connection regardless of how many other ideas you try, consider switching to a different ISP serving your area. There’s no better ISP than WOW Internet.

All in All

There are, thankfully, ways to get around irritatingly slow Internet speeds.


Hopefully, one of the recommendations in this post may help you speed up your internet connection


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