Social Media Marketing for Restaurants a Complete Guide


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Restaurant industry is extremely competitive. If you are providing good food and services at a competitive price and relaying just on word of mouth then this is not good for your restaurant. You have to follow an effective marketing strategy to stand out in competition.

If we talk about Instagram, more than 200 million people are tagged with #food and about 23 million with #drinks. With this many tags, Food and beverage photos are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram. It is likely that your customers are posting your pictures with or without your interaction.

According to a survey, 88% of people are influenced by online comments and reviews and that is why digital marketing for restaurants become important to attract more and more customers.

Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. It is essential to target and attract online customers. Below is the complete guide of social media marketing for restaurants.

Why you cannot ignore social media

If you are thinking you can ignore social media then you are wrong. Numbers will tell you a different story; according to a research, around 2.5 billion people will have some kind of social site by 2018. Social media is set to grow at a whopping 152%. There will be 1.47 billion new accounts. So this is the time to stay active on social media to grow your business. Now over 85% of people expect the businesses to be available on social media.

Every day there are new opportunities on social media to attract your customers. Social media marketing should be an important part of your marketing strategy. Without social media, you may miss the opportunity to connect with your customers. Connecting with your customers online can impact your bottom line.

Perks of being on social media

Now companies are realizing that social media is a virtual meeting place where customers and companies can get together and discuss the brand and products and services. The strong social media community gives you insights and helps you with free marketing. You can get plenty of data to mine in terms of consumer needs, reactions, and sentiments.

From past some years, there is a shift in marketing. Mass media channels such as television will continue to be a great way to raise general awareness about products and services but social media can raise awareness as well as customers can give feedback through restaurant management systemabout the products and service after purchasing.

Complete your social media profiles

If you are just starting on social media, make sure to include important information such as your working hours, address, contact details, etc. which can be easily accessed on your profile. The fewer clicks it takes to find out about your restaurant, the better it is.

On Facebook page, you can easily put information about working hours, busiest hours or peak hours, address, contact details, etc.  This information will be extremely important for the people who are unfamiliar with your restaurant.

You can also take advantage of other attributes of the Facebook page such as

  • Add “Book Now” button if you accept reservations
  • Upload menu
  • Include other information such as good for kids, good for party, good for groups, and home delivery service
  • Allow the customer to respond

Set up multi-location

If your restaurant is present at multiple locations make sure to add all the locations on your Facebook page so the closest location will pop up for your customers. You can also upload a spreadsheet on Facebook to add your locations. Later you can use this information to create geo-targeted Facebook ads.

For each location, you can also create a subpage which is linked with the main Facebook page. According to your social media marketing strategy, individual locations can handle their own postings.

Benefits of having location-based Facebook pages

  • You can reshare the posts of location-based subpages to main Facebook page
  • It becomes easy to promote location-based menu
  • Customers can also post location-based reviews so that you do not have to navigate the customer feedbacks.

Setting up location-based Facebook page is crucial for social media marketing for restaurants as it offers the flexibility to customers to get all information about a specific location.

Create relevant social media posts

It is easy to create social media accounts but tough to manage them. Either restaurants do not post on their social media account or they post too much. Too many promotional posts are the most annoying thing.

To engage your customers you have to create relevant posts. In promotional posts talk about offers and discounts so that your prospective customers can talk to each other and can share their views. You also get the chance to boast every now and then.

Post at the right time

For restaurants marketing, it is important to know the best time to post on social media. You have to analyze the timing of your posts basis when you get the maximum response. When you know the best time starts to post at that time so that your post can reach maximum customers.

Take advantage of Geo-Targeted Ads

People prefer to take food at their nearby locations. Geo-targeted ads are very effective to attract the local customers as they are shown to the people within a particular radius. When a customer walks near your location and is browsing Facebook, then they will get your advertisement.

These are some steps which you can follow to increase your brand awareness on social media and to attract more customers to your restaurant. Social mediais important if you want to stay ahead in the competition.




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