Unique engagement rings that stand out from the crowd


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Engagement ring is the staple of any engaged woman’s collection. You are going to wear the ring every day with every kind of attires. So you must look for something extraordinary for that. Diamond is already unique as it stands out from the crowd. For that, you may go for black diamonds. Unique black engagement rings double the elegance because of its scarcity.

There are just very few places where black diamonds can be found. You can also go for artificial black diamonds. They look as stunning as the real one. So let’s talk about some fabulous designs of engagement rings you can get your hands on.

Hexagon black diamond engagement ring:

This is a gorgeous diamond ring. It will make you look so sophisticated than the rest. The colour black already makes a statement wherever you go. Moreover, the rose gold band combined with black diamond blends elegance together. The bigger gem surrounds with six small stones and hexagon shape attracts attention because of the unique style.

Two toned Gold black diamond ring:

Make your fiancée feel like royalty with this two-toned diamond ring. It has such a beautiful antique work in the band that she will have the look of a Victorian-era princess. The band has white gold and rose gold mixture and designs have small gemstones. And the showstopper is a big black diamond. What more you need to get a unique engagement ring! This can be one for your beloved within all the unique black engagement rings.

Black and white diamond square tapered ring:

If you are looking for a diamond ring that she cannot say no go for this one. The stunning square diamond ring has a very detail work in it. The ring looks beautifully adorned. Natural white and black diamonds are used in this ring.

Rose gold floral design diamond ring:

Your heart will skip for a bit seeing the stunning and unique diamond ring. A precious soul deserves this floral diamond ring. The rose gold band and its shine! The gemstones placed in the ring with flowers look like a piece of art. Everyone will ask about the ring after you get it.

The black diamond halo ring:

Black diamond’s come in different designs. But if you are too picky then go for this one. To describe this ring with a word is elegance. The band is standard with gemstones placed in it, and the middle diamond looks like a big flower. It is made with so much appeal in it.

Lotus black diamond ring:

If your fiancée is a nature lover give this ring to her, she will not be disappointed. Its a ring with an attractive feminine look which will look just elegant on her. The beautiful lotus flower design with small gemstone detailing makes the ring special. A black diamond handles the middle part. The ring gives a good colour combination of white and black to make it a timeless beauty. Even if your fiancée gets old, this will keep being appealing for ages.

Bohemian style diamond proposal ring:

If the girl you want to propose is a hippie in mind and you cannot decide what you are going to propose her, This bohemian style diamond ring will have your back. It looks charming and not too ordinary for bohemian taste. The pink band is bold enough to draw attention and scattered black diamond is mesmerizing. The woven pattern is entirely different than any other engagement ring style.


You can choose the best one for your girl from all these unique diamond ring designs. As you have a lot of options to choose from, just select one that she likes most.


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