Why should one prefer the Ketomac Shampoo?


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These days hair fall is the major issue popping up in the day to day life of most of the people. Many people including of various age group suffer from this health issue. The market has a number of solutions claim that can control the hair fall. The reason behind the fact is nowadays we are exposed to a lot of harmful environmental factors and the most major one being the pollution. People are now in search of products that not only suit them but also are capable of solving all the issues they have in their daily lives.

Strengthening of hair, less hair loss, a good and manageable texture of hair and the most immediate necessity of the people are getting rid of dandruff completely. Dandruff can play a vital role in the loss of a huge amount of hair as well as a miserable condition of the texture of the hairs. It gives rise to the problems like itchy scalp and also inflammation in the scalp.

Ketomac Dandruff treatment Shampoo is the best solution for all the problems mentioned above. It curbs dandruff in the scalp thereby aiding in the healthy growth of hairs and in this way it solves the issue of major issue of hair loss. This is how the Ketomac shampoo is a good shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp.

The formula of its mechanism

The shampoo contains an antifungal element named Ketoconazole. This can considerably reduce fungal issues on the scalp and gives whopping results in the first use only. Ketoconazole probably falls under the category of antifungal drugs namely miconazole, itraconazole, fluconazole, etc.

The shampoo contains about 2% of the cream in it. A natural fungus called Malassezia is found on the skin naturally. People with dandruff on the scalp seem to have a huge amount of such kinds of fungi. The actual mechanism of the shampoo is it interrupts the frequent formation of ergosterol which serves as a vital component for a fungi cell membrane.

This leads to the damage of the cell membranes of the fungi making them weak. The weak cell membrane helps the cell content of the fungi to leak out thereby causing their death. This makes it the best-medicated shampoo for dandruff.

The direction of use

The shampoo can show its results in the first use itself, but the matter is the shampoo works most effectively in a certain direction of use. Firstly the hairs and the scalp should be made wet, and then a little amount of the Ketomac shampoo is to be taken in hands and with the help of the fingertips the shampoo is to be gently massaged on the scalp which would lead to the formation of foam.

Then the shampoo is to be left for 10-15 minutes on the hair to work its mechanism and later on the hair should be rinsed in cold water which would remove all the shampoo from the scalp thereby leaving the scalp clean and dandruff free.


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