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Office is our second home. People these days spend a lot of tome in their office due to heavy work pressure. As a result, colleagues become more of a family. Colleagues are the one with whom one can share their work stress and other official problems.

So, making your colleagues happy by surprising them with small gifts are really worth it. In fact, if one has already left a work space and shifted to another, they can also send some gifts to Pakistan online to their ex colleagues as a token of love.

Here are some lovely gift ideas that will make your colleagues happy.

Trendy chair cushions

People in office work all day sitting in the same chair and in the same position. They gradually tend to get back and shoulder pains. In order to relieve them from that, one can gift their colleagues some small chair cushions which they can keep at their back while working, with this, one can rest their back in a soft surface which provides them comfort and working becomes a bit easy. Small and trendy cushions in vibrant colours and designs are available at stores or at online sites. They are soft and very much usable.

Coffee mugs

Coffee or tea is the saviour when one is working hard or someone is feeling really sleepy in a Monday morning at office. Having a nice and trendy coffee mug can really cheer them up for the day. Grab some nice coffee mugs with a lovely quote or a happy picture on it and gift it to your colleague, they are going to love it. You can also add a pack of tea or coffee bags with that.

Assorted chocolates

When nothing else works, chocolate does. Nothing can make one happier than chocolates. Go and buy your colleague a nice box of flavoured and assorted chocolates. This will really make their dull and boring day bright and sweet.


Though most of the works are done in desktops or laptops, having nice stationeries at the desk make it look colourful. A nice pen stand with lovely pens, staplers, board pins and pencils is mandatory at every office desk. One can also go for some nice handmade diaries and stick pads which are really useful for everyone.

Red wine

For your office boss you need to pick something nice and classy. So it is always a great idea to pick a good and classy bottle of red wine as a gift for them. One needs to pick a nice wine bag at the same time as well so that they can place the bottle inside the bag and gift it to them. It will make them really happy.

To pick gifts for Pakistan, one can always go and check the online gift sites. One can get to see varieties of gifts there and they can easily pick one which they think will make their colleagues happy. Also, one can send those gifts online if they have delivery options.


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