Advertising Agencies in China do not want to pitch for free


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In China, 21 independent creative shops have joined forces to emphasize the changes in agencies and client relationships: they pay paid when they eat pitches.

According to a statement signed by the small companies last month, a moderate pitch fee is “paying respect to brand owners’ hard work, turning to good faith and finding the best partner”.

Concrete themes are suggested to agencies of the agency: a creative idea for a dynamic pitch with two or more elements of creative ideas, such as video, and $ 5,500 for $ 15,000 Are there This letter was at the beginning of Juni and some institutions, which are called two and subjects and cinema, have been confirmed that they refuse to refuse to pay until they pay.

Agencies are asked to make no profits for the agencies, but hopefully this move will force consumers to think of work involved in producing strong creative ideas.

The pitch fee is not given anywhere, including in China, where clients often demand rapid transmission of guests, most of the work is based on the project and the patches are continuous. All patches can be heavy loads, especially for small agencies, bread and butter customers, which are often in large number of Chinese internet companies.

Carm, a former OgilvyOne creator, created in 2012, has clients such as Internet Power House Tencent, Smartphone Maker Oppo and online shopping site The theme took a little bit a year ago, Ecommerce works for the Giant and Ride Service Service Dadi.

Channel Internet companies compete hardly on the speed of electricity and “their speed-related ads and communications are needed.”

The agency has yet worked for about 10 pitches in more than a year. Chen said once a pitch had been canceled before the offer. “The efforts of two weeks have been ruined because they suddenly changed their minds [all] to all the concerned institutions only with ‘literally’.”

FCB Shanghai CEO Josephine Pan (which is not included in 21 agencies involved in the blame), sees an attempt as a response to the ongoing evaluation of creative work.

Pan says “it is a deep hidden risk for advertising and communication in China.” “Most frequent 50 customers have not failed to promote better ideas to solve business challenges, but there have been more unstable relationships between agencies and customers. … healthy industry has less pitches and long There is a strong partnership. Promoting great ideas in digital communication.

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