Get a better life after your Hip replacement therapy


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Hip replacement now a days very common surgery, in this surgery your hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant that is “Hip prosthetic”. It can be performed by total replacement or hap replacement. In this case doctors surgically removes painful joint with arthritis and replace it with an artificial joint. This joint is often made from metal or plastic components. It will only have done when all other options are failed to provide an adequate pain relief. Hip replacement making people walking easier.

Fully recovery from hip replacement surgery will take 4-6 weeks minimum.

There are some advantages of Hip replacement:

Smaller amount of damage of your major muscle:  Surgeon avoid cutting major muscle of your hip. Doctors suggested to cut few muscles which is situated in front of your hip, surgeon works in between them, those muscle can repair very easily after surgery.

Patient feel less pain after surgery: Because of minor muscle surgery of patient’s hip they can feel less pain after surgery. The pain can be recovered by medication which is prescribed by doctors.

Faster Recovery: Patient can move easily after surgery soon because of minor muscle surgery of your hips.

Intensity of risk is very low in hip dislocation: Patient those are gone through from surgery their major concern is dislocate their new hip socket. However, hip replacement surgery does not damage the muscles and soft tissue in your hip muscle structures which is prevent your hip from dislocating.

Better Movement: After surgery patient can bend easily or move easily to anywhere without any fear of hip dislocation.

Shorter hospital stays: Patient who is gone through hip replacement surgery, they will spend a less time in best hip replacement hospital in india like 2-3 week. However, it will depend upon your health condition or your surgeon opinion.

Rate of success is very high in hip replacement surgery. It is generally greater than 95% patient experience a better relief from hip pain. In 10 years success rate is 90-95%. However, over 20 years success rate is 80-85%.

Risks of Hip replacement:

Blood clots: Clots can form in your hips or in legs after surgery.

Infection: Infection can occur if your cut is deep in your major tissue or muscle.

Fracture and dislocation: If surgery not done properly it may occur fracture and dislocation of your new hip.

Death from a hip replacement are very rare. Researcher said that there is 0.4 % patient died after 30 days of surgery. However, it will still depend of your health condition and your surgery.

Average age for a hip replacement:

Most of the hip replacement are performed in patient who’s age between 60- 80 years of age. It is occasionally performed in teen age patient generally.

Condition That can damage Hip Joint:

1.Osteoarthritis 2. Rheumatoid arthritis 3. Osteonecrosis.


At the bottom-line you will get a better life after Hip replacement surgery. You will get your new hip joint, you will never feel any pain after your surgery. Your daily activity will get faster. But in time you may able to swim, play golf, hike or ride a bike comfortably.



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