How VoIP can make working from home more efficient


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Increasing numbers of workers recognise the many benefits of working from home. In fact, 15% of UK workers are home-based, equating to around 4.5 million people.
One of the reasons that working from home has become so popular is that technology enables it to happen. Cloud-based solutions, such as VoIP, are especially suited to home working and can even make this arrangement more efficient for staff. Here’s a closer look.

Streamlined communications

VoIP lets home workers integrate communications within a single system. This can prove more efficient, time-saving and less costly than having multiple systems and phones.

With VoIP, home workers can communicate with colleagues or clients in real time, at any time. According to, communication lines aren’t just limited to audio; video calls can also bring remote workers face to face with each other. Remote workers can also easily send files to colleagues, edit each other’s work or leave comments at the click of a button.
Flexible working

If you have a reliable internet connection, those who work from home can use VoIP on any device. This means the relevant software can be installed on mobiles, laptops or tablets, enabling remote staff to work any time and anywhere. This flexibility can make home workers more efficient, enabling them to get a job done quicker and without any infrastructure limitations. Most VoIP providers place a high priority on security, so remote workers can use systems on the go, knowing their data is protected.

Cost savings

When you choose a wholesale VoIP termination provider such as, remote workers will quickly realise that there are cost savings to be enjoyed, particularly when making calls. Home working staff who collaborate with clients or colleagues overseas can especially benefit from low-cost calls as well as a high-quality connection with minimal line interference. These cost savings and call quality features can improve efficiency, making it just as effective to call from the bedroom or the boardroom.

By being able to take advantage of features such as video conferencing using VoIP, remote workers can also conduct conference meetings without leaving their home. This saves money that would have been spent on travel costs to conduct a face-to-face meeting. These cost savings made from using VoIP could be put to good use in other aspects of a business, further improving its efficiency.


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