Top reasons why kids should play hockey

Sport, of any kind, has some real benefits for children. From an early age, it can improve hand-eye coordination and help them to learn social skills such as sharing, fair play and working as a team. Playing sport will also help with muscle development, stamina and general health.

But according to the government, playing sport not only develops a child’s physical health and social skills but also their mental health and sense of wellbeing. So, we know that sport overall is beneficial for children, but what are the specific reasons a child might play hockey?

Strength and stamina

With a hockey pitch not far short of one hundred metres in length, strength and stamina are two skills a hockey player will need to work on. A good coach will use a range of training techniques to keep sessions lively and interesting for children whose interest might often wane. They may well use a hockey drill video to demonstrate specific skills or fitness exercises and this strength and stamina will benefit their overall health and fitness level as it’s a great cardio work out.

Body condition and dexterity

Hockey requires many skills which will all help to develop a child’s overall body condition, dexterity and agility. Stopping, turning, balance and speed are just a few of them. These skills will help to develop a well-rounded hockey player. Regular drills are often used as part of the training regime to hone these skills, and as part of a well-designed training programme, you can really improve your skills on the field with a hockey drill video. As with many things which children learn, repetition is key. The need to control the ball with the hockey stick while keeping their sights on the rest of the team and the goal, is also great for hand-eye coordination.

Team spirit

One of the benefits of any team sport over an individual pursuit is the sense of pride in achieving something together. Working together to support and encourage each other are important lessons both on the pitch and off. Understanding when to be selfless and pass the ball and when to have the courage in their own abilities to continue with play are also important skills.

So, if you’re looking for a sport for your child to get involved with, hockey might just be the one.